Finland is a unique, non-mainstream holiday choice. It is, in an exceptional way, a passionate and uncompromising country. Visit Finland works to increase awareness of Finland as a tourist destination, especially among modern humanists.

Identity – The 4 C’s of Finland

What is Finland all about? The Visit Finland conceptual identity is derived from four characteristics:

  • Creative
    The unique cultural and natural surroundings have inspired Finns to compose music, create design and develop unique technical innovations.
  • Contrasts
    Finland is full of interesting contrasts – the four seasons, the midnight sun and the winter night, city and countryside, East and West. You name it.
  • Credible
    Traffic, service, safety, technology – everything runs like clockwork.
  • Cool
    People, lifestyle, climate – all are one of a kind.

Marketing Themes

The following tourism themes have been developed on the basis of Visit Finland’s core values:

  • Silence, please presents Finland as a counterpart to the hectic, ever-accelerating rhythm of daily life. Finland offers peace and quiet, and space to breathe, even in the heart of the city. Here, visitors can take things easy, stay at a cottage, enjoy a sauna, and explore an untouched natural environment.
  • Wild & Free displays the opportunities that the Finnish nature offers for spectacular nature activities such as snowmobile and dog-sled safaris, island hopping by boat, canoeing in the archipelago, or even a snowball fight in the city.
  • Cultural beat stands for the uniqueness of Finnish culture and the global phenomena it evokes, such as Finnish design, Father Christmas, heavy metal and delicious natural produce.

Target Groups

The main target group of Finland consists of people who have travelled a lot and are seeking new, fresh options. Instead of pleasing everyone, we are targeting the marketing activities to people whose set of values matches travelling to Finland. We call this group as “Modern Humanists”. They appreciate quality of life, pure nature and responsibility. That is exactly what Finland offers.

Target Markets

Outside Finland Visit Finland is represented in the following key target countries: China, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Russia and USA.

Finpro has an extensive network of Trade Centres abroad, and these centres come in handy for Visit Finland in 2nd or 3rd tier tourism generating countries, whether this is focused on international congresses, gathering market trend information or other.

Finland’s Four Areas

Major Regions2In international destination marketing Visit Finland is focusing on four main areas: Lapland, Lakeland, Helsinki and Coastal areas & Archipelago.

With the Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun, rich wildlife and vast wildernesses, Finnish Lapland is all about soothing natural beauty and wild adventures.

The cities and villages on the shores of Lakeland offer a variety of lovely accommodation and activities in breath-taking scenery. Try renting a summer cottage.

Coastal Areas and Archipelago
Historical cities, harbour towns, lighthouses, and maritime culture in general characterise Finland’s 1 100 kilometres of coastline and the rocky archipelago off it.


A modern and compact European capital by the Baltic Sea, Helsinki is a haven for design and architecture buffs. The small towns and green areas around the city are great for day trips.