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Highlights in Finland. A Year in Finland. The Delights of Sauna. Everything about Santa Claus. The Sami in Finland. Midnight Sun and Northern Lights.

A Year in Finland

Finland’s annual cycle of public festivals and holidays serve to punctuate the clear division of the seasons, from the chilly winters to the glorious summers. New Year’s Day If it’s not too cold, firework displays are an increasingly popular way of bringing in the New Year at midnight on December …

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Christmas and New Year

Christmas Crowns Finland’s Festive Season Christmastime can rightly be called the Finns’ most important festive period. Christmas in Finland is strongly associated with the family and relatives. Children are on holiday from school and work slows down to allow as many people as possible to celebrate Christmas fully. Generally speaking, …

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Finnish Archipelago

Finland’s coast boasts the world’s largest archipelago. Old wooden towns, lighthouses, historical manors and stone churches, large national parks stretching over land and sea – this all sums up coastal Finland in a nutshell. Islander Lifestyle There are hundreds of inhabited islands in the Finnish archipelago – more than anywhere …

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FINRELAX – MAKING FINLAND THE PRIMARY WELL-BEING TRAVEL DESTINATION   The themed growth programmes, the Finnish Archipelago, Stopover Finland and FinRelax, all prepared and coordinated by Visit Finland are all running. The acting project manager of the FinRelax well-being travel programme is Kiti Häkkinen and the project coordinator is Cené …

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Lovely Lakes and Water Related Activities

Water, water, everywhere – it’s a key theme to summertime in Finland Finland offers crystal-clear lakes, fast-flowing rivers and miles of wonderful coastline for visitors to explore… no wonder water plays such a big part in the Finnish summer. Whether you’re on the water or in it, you can be …

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Midnight Sun and Northern Lights

Around Midsummer in northern Finland, the sun does not set for several weeks. The occurrence of flares on the surface of the sun makes it possible to predict the liveliness of the Northern Lights in areas in which they are common such as northern Finland. Midnight Sun Imagine reaching for …

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Meet all your favourite characters from Tove Jansson’s whimsical children’s book!  The Moominworld is a fantastic theme park where any kind of stress and bad mood will soon evaporate and replaced by joy, laughter and good feelings. The Moominworld can be experienced by doing, living, seeing and touching. The Moominworld …

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National Parks

National Parks with Unique Natural Sights Nature protection is the primary function of national parks. The national parks are protected areas exemplifying the more valuable and characteristic habitats and land forms in the country, such as archipelago, lakes, forests, peatlands and fells. The national parks include many unique natural sights, …

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The Finnish reindeer was tamed long ago from the wild fell deer. The reindeer is a hoofed, long-legged, four-toed animal in the moose family. It is a ruminant and has four stomachs. Both sexes have antlers, which they shed every year. The reindeer also changes its fur every year. Its …

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Sami Culture

Sami – indigenous people of the North The Sami (“sapmelas” in Sami) are one of the indigenous peoples of Europe, just as the Inuit in Greenland. There are over 75 000 Sami. They have their own history, language, culture, livelihoods, way of life and identity. The Sami homeland (“Sapmi” in …

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Santa Claus

Finland and Santa Claus Why does the real Santa Claus live in Finland? You can meet him on any day of the year, without any charge, only in Finland. Santa Claus’ own animal, the reindeer, lives in Finland. There is snow on the ground during the Christmas season. At the …

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