The themed growth programmes, the Finnish Archipelago, Stopover Finland and FinRelax, all prepared and coordinated by Visit Finland are all running. The acting project manager of the FinRelax well-being travel programme is Kiti Häkkinen and the project coordinator is Cené Ferjani.

The goals of the programme

In the travel growth and renewal road map, compiled by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, the highlighted FinRelax growth programme has established its goal as making Finland the leading well-being travel nation. The FinRelax programme encourages the regional development work, by supporting regional project planning and implementation and thereby strives to increase collaborative efforts between projects. Product development is furthered in workshops, through training and by producing and delivering tools and best practices, developed through practice. Company sales work is supported through procedures, which are directed at distribution channels and target markets.

Target countries

The programme’s main target markets are Russia, Germany and Japan. Other markets to be followed during the programme are Sweden, France, the UK and China.

Products and services which are appropriate for the programme

The FinRelax programme is aimed at companies, whose travel products are well-suited or which have a readiness to develop well-being travel products for international travellers. The products and travel services must be located in attractive travel destinations, be easily accessible for the individual traveller, and preferably be a year-round destination, which can be tailored to Asian and European travellers.

The FinRelax ACADEMY – what, where, for whom, and when?

The FinRelax Academy is a product development training course for the travel destinations and the active company group within the area, aiming to provide product development, sales and marketing tools for already developed or interested companies in the international market. During 2016-2017, the academy encompasses annual regional product development intensives (2-3 annually) as well as themed seminars (around 2-3 times per year, i.e. with themes such as sauna, wild food or Finnish treatments), which are to be arranged in various locations around Finland, together with collaborative partners. The product intensives are tailored together with travel area organisation, project or development partners to suit the wishes of the area, as well as the needs of the companies.

The Finnish nature and lifestyle-inspired travel products and entities resulting from the training are gathered under the FinRelax brand, which is coordinated by Visit Finland. The products are marketed both in Visit Finland’s own communications and marketing channels as well as through selected distribution channels of international partners.

Content-wise, the FinRelax Academy’s “Ready”, “Steady”, and “Go” level product intensives are aimed at various companies and company conglomerates at various levels of internationalisation. A prerequisite for being allowed to join Visit Finland’s internationalisation proceedings is that the company and products of the company aspiring to be included meet the internationalisation criteria and/or that the company participates in in the internationalisation meetings organised by Visit Finland.

  1. “Ready” level intensives are directed at companies which are taking their first steps towards internationalisation, which are, alone or as a network, planning new well-being travel products and are in need of basic information, in support of their developmental work, both on the target market, potential clients and product development which is in accordance with market expectations.
  2. “Steady” level intensives are aimed at companies carrying out internationalisation-level marketing, or networks which already have ready ideas or product motifs, but which need support in wellness travel product finishing, pricing and sales channel selection.
  3. “Go” level companies are already functioning on an internationalised level, and already have available well-being products, but are interested in new product concepts and sales and marketing channels in the FinRelax programme main markets in Germany, Russia and/or Japan.

Product intensives content and programme (approx. 4h per intensive)

The attached programme frames are directional and preliminary proposals. The goals and day content will be adjusted collaboratively with the organising instance, as well as based on the wishes of the experts and companies.


The product development intensives begin in January 2016, and will continue, in accordance with company wishes for the duration of the programme.

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