The 2015 FinRelax Star Products

THE 2015 FINRELAX STAR PRODUCTS (companies in alphabetical order) – FinRelax Product Menu


ANTTOLANHOVI / Relaxing Days at Lake Saimaa

Anttolanhovi has shaken off its traditional rehabilitation spa image and has invested in good quality accommodation and a diverse selection of well-being services, which well reflect the FinRelax theme. Special attention has also been given to the food, which uses an high amount of local products. The guest may also purchase food to bring home, prepared by the chef.

ARCTIC AIHKI / The Wilderness Experience Retreat

Markus Maulavirta’s logging abode in Eastern Lapland’s astonishingly beautiful landscapes is an impressive endeavour, which exudes the inner being of the untouched nature of the North. The visitor may experience nature’s healing power while exploring the mountain, having a sauna on the shore of the wilderness lake and enjoying gourmet game cuisine.

CHALET RUKA PEAK / Natural Luxury

Chalet Ruka Peak offers high-level, well-being traveller accommodating lodging in the gorgeous landscapes of the Ruka mountain. The hotel’s smoke sauna, which is built into a cave, the wood-heated old-fashioned bath tub and the sea-buckthorn, cloudberry or blueberry facial treatments offer unique experiences for the well-being traveller.

FEEL THE NATURE / Berry picking and mushroom hunting

Acting as the lungs of the area, the unique Nuuksio National Park excellently complements the Metropolitan Area with a well-being product selection. Guaranteed departures and a good package serve the well-being customer in an exemplary manner.

HAIKON KARTANO / Relaxation and Anti-age break

The long history of the manor spa combined with a quality lodging and a diverse and innovative product selection guarantee a spa programme, which speaks to the international client.


Sunset Sauna Cycle is an excellent example of a well-being service selection which completes a city vacation. Light cycling, combined with city sights and stories as well as the personal experience of a city version of the Finnish sauna ensure that the visitor has a genuinely Finnish well-being experience.


HARRINIVA / Lapland Offline

Harriniva has often acted as the “importer” of new product innovations. The Torassieppi Lapland Offline programme rides on the crest of the well-being travel trends and offers the busy modern person an opportunity to enjoy Lapland’s culture, outdoor activities and the tranquility of nature.

HAWKHILL NATURE / Lakeside forest Villas

As Hawkhill Nature’s guest, the well-being traveller headed for the woods of Nuuksio will experience high-level cottage accommodation, guided activities in nature and sauna culture. Hawkhill Nature has combined cottages representing traditional building methods, surrounding nature, handicraft and pleasant product packages.

HERRANKUKKARO / Old Fisherman’s Village – Mama’s pocket

Your own summer cottage on the waterfront, the age-old traditions of the archipelago and the Finnish icon, the smoke sauna: all these factors form the magic of Herrankukkaro. Extensive experience in the travel field, innovative and “Lord’s wallet”-like “creative madness” can be seen in the destination’s services. Guests who have experienced them laud them as a unique experience.


The Forest Bath is a great example of the increasing diversity of the products offered by the travel centres. The Himos vacation has adopted the nature-based well-being theme as its own. The visitor experiences Central Finland’s nature, utilising all senses.

JÄRVISYDÄN / Relaxing Saimaa Well-being Experiences

A lake spa on the shores of Saimaa, in the middle of the most beautiful part of Finnish Lakeland, is its newest and most extensive effort into well-being travel. The spa, carved into the bedrock gives visitors a new type of well-being experience, alongside more traditional nature experiences, exercise and the Savonian sauna world. The spa is a welcome addition to Finnish well-being services offered.

ILORANTA / Experience clean nature with us

Iloranta’s long traditions as a farmhouse travel company, personal service and excellent Tavastian buffet table keep the clients returning to Hauho, year after year. The traditional farmhouse surroundings close to nature and clean waters rich with fish offer excellent conditions for the well-being travel selection.



Yoga and the Finnish landscape – both in summer and winter – combine as a well-being product which is a refreshing addition to the FinRelax product selection. The charm of the sandy beaches in different seasons and the special winter and summer traits are included in the product in an interesting manner.

KUPPARI-HANNA / Natural Health Spa

Finnish folk healing’s attraction on the international markets is strong. Traditional treatments in a timeless log cabin and “Kuppari-Hanna’s” stories are an undeniable addition to the core of the FinRelax products.

METSÄKARTANO / Holiday for Body and Soul

The nature surrounding Metsäkartano offers a great setting for a product, which combines silence, relaxation and activities in a balanced manner: a combination, which is a very typical to Finnish well-being products.

NAANTALI SPA / Spa Traditions

Naantali has been a well-being travel destination since the 1700s, and Naantali Spa continues the work started so long ago. The traditional mud treatment included in the package hails from the 1800s, and is an excellent example of the long traditions of Finnish well-being travel.

PRO SANTA / Metsäkyly

The Metsäkyly sauna has been awarded, as one of the first recipients, the Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience quality certificate. Despite its young age, Metsäkyly has found its place among the destinations offering most interesting sauna experiences, which is in no small effort due to its good sauna innovations, such as the Selkäsauna and Mökösauna.

RUKAPALVELU OY / The Kuusamo International Folk Healing Days 11-17/07/2016

The annual Kuusamo Folk Healing Days, organised by Rukapalvelu Ltd and Kansanparantajaseura are doing groundbreaking work in making Finnish folk healing more known, both at home and abroad. A great programme, professional speakers and interesting discussions further the folk healing message.


SAUNATOUR / Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience

Developed by several Kuusamo entrepreneurs, the Saunatour, which is aimed at international travellers is a vanguard example for developers of sauna products. Functioning teamwork, original saunas and good marketing work have made Saunatour into an international success story.


Well-being innovation know-how! Sauna yoga and sauna pilates have already spread out to the world, and “the sauna of the mind” is the next step in conquering the world. A concept, which combines well-being services and the sauna, bringing them close to people, straight to your home or bathroom.

SKAFUURI / Wild food Master class

A multi-faceted well-being programme, which offers silence and “battery charging” in the snow-white nature of winter or in the summery forest, “hunting” for wild food. Finnish well-being vacationing at its finest.

VILLA MANDALA / Zensations

A mindfulness and stress alleviation pioneer in Finland. The Loviisa countryside nature offers a charming backdrop for the busy modern person’s comprehensive care of their well-being. Good know-how and creativity shine in the product.
WHITE ADVENTURE / Silence & Nature Tour

A daring approach has modified an interesting product, in which muscle power alone gets you through the Lapland mountain scenery, fuelled by well-being from nature; you don’t just pop in, you stay a while. Silence, clean air, space.

WILD NORDIC NATURE / Wellbeing Magic

Sempiternal mythical stories, nature, nature’s offerings, exercise in nature: here is a quaint recipe for a Finnish well-being vacation. The steam of the sauna, relaxing your muscles at the end of the day are the crowning jewel of this magical product.

ÄKSYT ÄMMÄT / Silent moments at Guesthouses

Silence is a disappearing natural resource. The product of Äksyt Ämmät brings silence and tranquility within the client’s reach in a humane and pleasant manner. A balanced entity, which should be given as a recipe for all those suffering from everyday worries.



Arctic Power Berries / ARCTIC POWER BERRIES

100 % Finnish, nature-grown berries, 100 % FinRelax, with no additives. This Finnish super food product meets the needs of health and well-being-conscious people.

Power from the Nature and Traditional Finnish Treatments / LAHTI REGION
The product exudes empowerment. The forest as a centre of well-being, as well as nature and traditional Finnish treatments for the relaxation of the mind and body are an excellent counterweight to today’s stressful everyday life. And the voimavihta – what a lovely word! (a bunch of leafy twigs tied together used for beating your blood circulation awake)

Well-being from Lappish Nature / LAPLAND SAFARIS

A Lappish outdoor programme, spiced with well-being. Exercising in nature while collecting wild herbs and other natural offerings, and fishing. The silence of the woods. The programme, steeped in these ingredients is an excellent addition to Lapland’s travel offerings.

Weekend Urban Retreat – Meditation Monday – Brain Calm / LIFE LAB Ltd.

Each of us should try Life Lab’s Meditation Monday to start our work week. New innovations and a well-being technique help us in controlling our busy work schedules, finding resources and methods to maintain well-being of the mind and body.

Splashes of Puujärvi – Ice Fishing and Sauna Experience / PALKES

Playing the lead for this product are the clear and clean waters of Finland. It’s high time that our waterways get to play the lead in our travel.

Genuine, Natural Experiences – Meet Finns and Enjoy Nature / PRO AGRIA POHJOIS-SAVO

A fireworks show of local and wild food. Kuopio has placed food, including food promoting well-being, at the centre of its festivals. Delicious!

Tullin Sauna / TULLIN SAUNA

An ode to the traditional Finnish neighbourhood sauna. The bustle of the city, combined with the nurturing heat from the relaxing steam of the sauna and the muscle-relaxing hot tubs complete your city vacation in a very memorable manner.

Back to Nature – Far from Ordinary / WIMPA ISLANDS

The breathtaking beauty of the southern coast archipelago and unhurried lifestyle, the silent retreat in a stone mine from the 1700s, sauna and self-caught food are the salt of the programme. Definitely not your everyday wellbeing product!

SuomiSauna and Silence / WASA WELL-BEING

Meditation in a world heritage site! The sea port’s unique archipelago nature is the backdrop for the mindfulness and meditation exercises. The cherry on the cake is sharing a sauna with others in one of Finland’s oldest common saunas. Traditions and rest for your soul!

Elves Hideaway / HULLU PORO

A subject which exudes peace and the joy of life, where traditional Lappish buildings on the banks of the Ounasjoki River and the adventure park create excellent conditions for relaxation and maintaining well-being for the whole family!


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