Finland’s landscapes are a glorious variation on the theme of forest and water, where the comforts of modern life are never far away. Yet each region has its distinct character, from the wilds of Lapland to the inspiring lakes of the east to the archipelagos of the south-west and the lively attractions of the capital, Helsinki.

In international destination marketing Visit Finland is focusing on four main areas: Lapland, Lakeland, Helsinki and Coastal areas & Archipelago.

Lapland – With the Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun, rich wildlife and vast wildernesses, Finnish Lapland is all about soothing natural beauty and wild adventures.

Lakeland – The cities and villages on the shores of Lakeland offer a variety of lovely accommodation and activities in breath-taking scenery. Try renting a summer cottage.

Coastal Areas and Archipelago – Historical cities, harbour towns, lighthouses, and maritime culture in general characterise Finland’s 1 100 kilometres of coastline and the rocky archipelago off it.

Helsinki – A modern and compact European capital by the Baltic Sea, Helsinki is a haven for design and architecture buffs. The small towns and green areas around the city are great for day trips.