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Helsinki - A Captivating Capital

Helsinki, Finnish capital since 1809, thrives amid a number of clear contrasts. Here, on its wide and elegant streets, Nordic cool combines with a distinct taste of the exotic east. Old meets new. Land meets sea. Urban development and unspoilt countryside co-exist like nowhere else. After all, can you think …

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Tampere - At the Heart of Lakeland

Located at the heart of one of Finland’s many lake labyrinths and founded around the rapids that connect Lakes Näsijärvi and Pyhäjärvi, Tampere is surrounded by clear expanses of water and verdant forest. Within the city limits, there are no fewer than 200 lakes of varying sizes, and there are …

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Feel at home in Turku - Åboriginal

TURKU (Åbo in Swedish) is Finland’s oldest city, founded in 1229. It was also the country’s first capital. It is here that you can see the medieval Cathedral, close to the Old Great Square, as well as Turku Castle in the harbor. Along the Aura River – the Plough River …

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Kuopio - Orthodox Culture and Mystic Forests

Kuopio is eastern Finland’s largest city, and this is where you can learn about the cultural heritage and see the magnificent ecclesiastical art of the Finnish Orthodox Church at the Orthodox Church Museum of Finland and Iisalmi’s Karelian Orthodox Cultural Centre. Kuopio is especially renowned for its large and lively …

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Rovaniemi - The Heart of Lapland

Rovaniemi is the energetic capital of Finnish Lapland. This small but modern city is a unique combination of urban services and the beautiful natural environment of Lapland. The highlight of many visits is an encounter with Santa Claus and his elves: all of them live at the Arctic Circle Village …

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Finland’s landscapes are a glorious variation on the theme of forest and water, where the comforts of modern life are never far away. Yet each region has its distinct character, from the wilds of Lapland to the inspiring lakes of the east to the archipelagos of the south-west and the …

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Helsinki - A Captivating Capital Tampere - At the Heart of Lakeland Feel at home in Turku - Åboriginal Kuopio - Orthodox Culture and Mystic Forests Rovaniemi - The Heart of Lapland Destinations