Linnansaari National Park


Lakeland home of the unique Saimaa ringed seal ​

In Linnansaari, you are in the middle of the Lake Saimaa and the wonderful scenery of archipelago. You are also at the home of the unique Saimaa ringed seal. In summertime one can get to the park by a boat from Oravi or Rantasalmi. In winter, there is a maintained ice track across the lake from Oravi to Rantasalmi. In summer, several excursion harbours around the park welcome boaters. In the main island nature trails, heritage landscapes and lush forests welcome the hikers. There are also services in the main island of the National Park.

In nature conservation areas, everyman's rights do not apply in the normal way. Please always check the rules Linnansaari before making your trip. National parks are nature reserves, whose key task is to safeguard biodiversity and enable people to enjoy and relax in nature on the terms of nature conservation.

All national parks in Finland are managed by Metsähallitus.

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