Canoe trip to wilderness lake

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Durée 3 heures

North from Arctic Circle there is plenty of light throughout the whole night. Under the midnight sun you can enjoy the beautiful nature for example from a canoe.

Canoe trip starts from the Reindeer Park’s main building, where our guide will equip you with suitable gear. You will get life jackets, water proof bags and rain coats if necessary.

From the Reindeer Park we continue to Hangasjärvi which is about 5 kilometers away. You will drive with your own car after our guide. Before heading out you will be taught all that is necessary to know about these indian canoes. We are using plastic two-person, very stable and easy canoes so there’s nothing to worry about.

Hangasjärvi -lake is nice and easy place to paddle and you will have plenty of time to enjoy the nature and silence in the middle of nowhere.

One thing important being in the nature here in Lapland is of course fixing a fire, preparing black pot coffee, grill a sausage and listen to stories about Lapland wonders. This we will also do during this canoe trip.

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