Top five places to stay on the Finnish coast

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Credits: Jaakko Kivelä

Visit for yourself, and you’ll see that Finland’s coast has a different rhythm altogether.

Coastal Finland boasts quaint fishing villages, the rich culture of Swedish-speaking Finns, stone churches and lighthouses reaching for the sky, and much, much more.

Dominated by the presence of the Baltic Sea, this region offers travellers unfettered access to its unique bilingual culture and longstanding maritime heritage. The best way to take in the sights is by staying as long as possible. Here are five accommodations to consider when visiting this intriguing seaside region.

Credits: Jaakko Kivelä

Get one of the Silverskär Islands all to yourself

The Silverskär Islands, located in Åland, offer guests the opportunity to slow down and relax while surrounded by striking red granite rock formations and clear forest lakes flecked with summer-blooming water lilies. The best part? When visiting Silverskär, you can actually book your own private island! Stay in small, simple, cosy fishermen’s cottages to discover how residents of the archipelago lived until the 1950s. There are different types of accommodations available, too: on Sviskär, you can stay in a simple hut-like setting, while Klobben island offers modern, comfortable cabins that were constructed as part of local fishing camps. Renting your own island will give you a taste of archipelago life at its best – try it and get an intimate look at these gems of the sea!

Credits: Daniel Eriksson
Credits: Daniel Eriksson

Spend a night at the foot of Utö lighthouse

Utö, the southernmost island in Finland, welcomes many visitors, particularly during the warmer months. Inhabited by just 40 year-round residents, this beloved summer destination is known for its beautiful lighthouse, diverse birdlife and military history. While Utö was the first lighthouse built in Finland back in 1753, the original was completely destroyed during the war between 1808-1809. The current lighthouse was actually built on-location around the same time. Take a trip to Utö to see its unique ancient remnants, rock engravings and wartime remains. There are also numerous shipwrecks in the island’s surrounding waters. If you’re looking for a place to stay, try locally owned and operated Hanna’s Horison, which offers guests accommodations with magnificent views of the harbour inlet. A mere two-minute walk from the lighthouse, Hanna’s Horison is as close as you can stay to this piece of history…unless you fancy sleeping outdoors!

Credits : Sara Terho
Credits: Sara Terho

Stay near the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Vaasa

The Kvarken Archipelago is an ever-evolving UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site located in the Gulf of Bothnia in Finland. Here, glacier formations dating from as far back as the Ice Ages are still emerging from the sea, creating unique landscapes that can only be found in this area. Visit the viewing tower at Svedjehamn or take a boat tour organised by the locals to truly appreciate this awe-inspiring region. Area accommodations are simple but cosy, and there are plenty of options available for those who are keen to camp or arrive by boat. For more information about accommodation in the area, visit Vaasa's product page.

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Spend a night behind bars in Turku

The Kakola area in Turku has undergone many changes in recent years. One of them was the closure of the area’s eponymous prison back in 2007. Today, Kakola has been reimagined as a tourist attraction, with 30,000 visitors touring the grounds each year, and is a popular filming location for Finnish television shows. In the surrounding area, you’ll find many restaurants and cafés, as well as the famous Kakola brewery. Stay at the Kakola Hotel inside the old prison, where you can choose from family rooms, boutique-style suites and even a room inside a former prison cell! And don’t miss the breakfast spread in the morning, which includes a variety of local fruits and berries.

Credits: Anssi Tiusanen / Riku Niemi

Rest with your pet near Mathilda ironworks village

Nestled in the historical Mathilda ironworks village on the coast of Finland you’ll find Hotel Sypressi. Owned and operated by Tarja Aho, this homey, heartwarming hotel invites you to spend a peaceful night in one of its cosy, intimate rooms. Expect a warm welcome from Tarja’s two cats and her dog, Ronja. You can even bring along your own furry companion! And don’t forget to explore the area’s nearby handicraft villages: Matilda, Teijo and Kirjakkala.

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