Nature and Lifestyle 1/2

Wilderness wisdom with Petri Kokkonen

First lesson

In the first lesson, we start with the basics, connection to nature and incorporating it as part of your daily life and well-being. In part 1 under the Nature & Lifestyle theme, immerse yourself in the great outdoors of Finland and uncover the everyday building blocks of your inner Finn.

What you'll learn

During this lesson, Petri will guide you through the quintessential Finnish approach to nature that defines our lifestyle. One key aspect of this lesson is Petri's emphasis on tranquility and the peace of nature in daily life. We will delve into the concepts of lifestyle and self-sufficiency, learning how to utilize the abundant gifts that nature provides. Petri's relationship with nature is a continuation of the ancestral Finnish tradition, where survival depended on our connection with the natural world. The roots of the deep Finnish connection to nature lie in this historical bond between humans and their environment, shaping our identity throughout time. Petri will guide you in understanding how this deep connection to nature is formed and highlight the aspects that come to the forefront when living in harmony with the natural world. You'll discover how to reach a state of mind where you are truly one with nature, fostering a deep connection that resonates with the historical Finnish way of life.

Everyday elements of the Finnish lifestyle


Significance of tranquility and the peace of nature


The deep connection with nature rooted in ancestral traditions


”Petri’s Masterclass gives a deep dive into traditional Finnish practices and teaches skills necessary to live in nature and connect with it on a deeper level.”

– Anna, USA

Your coach Petri Kokkonen

Petri Kokkonen is a wilderness guide who lives in the remote Vätsäri area on the shores of Lake Inari. He has always been fascinated by the natural beauty of the forests and lakes of Lapland, and his love for nature led him to pursue a career as a guide and entrepreneur. Petri's daily routine involves using traditional hunting and fishing methods to obtain food, and his hunting dogs, Elli and Elsa, accompany him on his adventures in the wilderness. 
Four years ago, Petri made a major lifestyle change when he swapped his busy city life for the silence of the wilderness. Despite the demands of his job and living in the city, he always felt a longing to be back in the heart of nature where he spent all his free time. He decided to pursue his dream and traded his electrified suburban home near the centre of Rovaniemi for an old, electricity-free log house in the middle of the wilderness. He now lives on the shores of Lake Inari, far from neighbours and off the beaten track. He obtains water from the lake and food from the surrounding nature. For someone living in the wilderness, fishing, hunting, and self-sufficiency are an everyday way of life. 
After moving to the wilderness, Petri also began to think about how he could incorporate his lifestyle into his work. As a result, he started practicing year-round wilderness tourism and offering visitors authentic experiences on Lake Inari, the wilderness and the surrounding nature.

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The fun part: your task

  1. Go into nature. Whether it's a forest, a body of water, or even a nearby park, leave your phone behind for a while.
  2. Listen to the sounds of nature and try to think about the wonderful things that can be found in that particular place, what interests you about it.
  3. Then, consider what that place gives you and what it could provide in the future. Find something enjoyable for yourself there and forget about the surrounding busyness, focusing on nature without thinking about everyday matters.
  4. Try to do this at least once a week initially, and if you feel a connection with nature, continue maintaining that connection by increasing your visits. Make nature a part of your daily life, a place where you can relax and breathe.
  5. If you discover something interesting in nature, share it with your friends and try to get them involved. This can lead to finding new shared experiences.

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