Looking for inspiration on how to find your inner Finn and add more happiness into your life? Look no further! We've collected the best tips for your next holiday in Finland on this page.

Credits: Romain Castello

Happiness is... where the heart is

They say that Lakeland is the heart of Finland and we couldn't agree more! Eastern Finland and the Lakeland region – the home of the Happiness Masterclass – are the places where you can find some of the quintessential pieces of Finnish happiness, like thousands of lakes, unique wildlife, iconic landscapes, authentic food culture, and deeply rooted sauna traditions, to name a few. We've collected inspiring content about these topics and many more to help you on your journey towards finding your inner Finn!

In the footsteps of the Masterclass of Happiness

Here's the behind-the-scenes story about the locations and places where the Masterclass of Happiness took place in June 2023.

Happiness is... in nature

Nature is one of the main themes of the Happiness Masterclass. The close connection to nature is also one of the primary factors contributing to the everyday happiness of Finns. Scientific studies have shown that being in natural environments can reduce stress, improve mood, and enhance mental well-being. In Eastern Finland and Lakeland, you'll find many uniquely Finnish nature-inspired things to do and places to visit. Go bear-watching, visit one of the many national parks, try a water activity, or admire the inspiring national landscape of Koli – you won't run out of things to try!

Happiness is... in health and balance

The balance between work and free time, clean air and water, pristine nature, and regular sauna bathing sessions are some of the stress-reducing things that Finns hold close to heart. Would you like to know more about the secrets behing Finnish health and balance, and how to incorporate them into your own life? Below you'll find some inspirational reading and tips.

Happiness is... in design and everyday

Finnish design is globally known for its simplicity, functionality, and innovation. Designers and architects from Finland have a strong tradition of blending form and function to create aesthetically pleasing and practical designs. Influenced by nature and the Finnish lifestyle, these designs emphasize clean lines, natural materials like wood, and a harmonious relationship with the environment, which is often visible in other art forms as well.

To find inspiration from Finnish design and art, click on one of the stories below.

Happiness is... in food and wellbeing

The foundation of Finnish cuisine lies in the use of fresh, natural ingredients sourced directly from the country's clean lakes, fields, and forests. The summers and growing seasons are short but intense, pumping nature's ingredients full of vitamins and minerals. Clean food is an important source of wellbeing as is the iconic Finnish sauna, known for its health-inducing benefits. Try both on your visit to Finland!

Below we've collected articles about food and wellbeing from the best wild food restaurants to the must-try new public saunas around the country.

Happiness-inducing journeys in Finland

Can't get enough of inspiration about Finland? We have you covered!

In this section, you'll find curated journey picks from different parts of the country. Each journey has its own unique theme from taking a holiday like the Finns do to maritime adventures in the Eastern Coast – and sauna, of course!