In the footsteps of the Masterclass of Happiness

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Four people at the Masterclass of Happiness.

What is the Masterclass of Happiness?

The Masterclass of Happiness, organized in June 2023 in Finland’s Lakeland region, was a unique experience where selected applicants got to learn about Finnish happiness from a wide variety of experts from different fields. The Masterclass attendees were immersed into themes such as nature crafts, food for the soul and body, exercise in forests and lakes, calming sounds and music, and the Finnish way of life. 

Where did the Masterclass take place?

The classes took place in various locations in and around Kuru Resort. Kuru is situated in Lakeland, right in the heart of Finland—a place where both Finns and visitors seek refuge to connect with nature and find tranquillity. The Masterclass locations were carefully chosen not only to facilitate the learning sessions but also to be accessible to all travellers giving everyone the opportunity to connect with their inner Finn. 

Let’s take a detailed look at the Masterclass locations. 

Kuru Resort

Kuru Resort in Lake Saimaa was the main stage of the Masterclass. This hidden luxury retreat provided a place for the participants to recover from the intensity of the learning days. Kuru was also the venue where two of the Masterclasses took place. April, the coach of Health and Balance, guided the participants through a personal journey of transformation, and Alex, the Food and Wellbeing coach, showcased his culinary magic with Finnish cuisine. 

Kuru is a brand-new wellness resort for adults, nestled in a pine forest overlooking a serene lake. The private villas with saunas have large windows inviting the outdoors in, creating an ambiance of relaxation. Every detail from scents to materials is crafted to promote the guest’s well-being. The resort’s restaurant Solitary, rooted in passion for exceptional cuisine and craftsmanship, provides a dining experience that is a true escape from the world of haste. 

Kaarnetsaari island 

Kaarnetsaari island, located a 15-minute boat ride away from the nearby Järvisydän harbour, is the place where Nature and Lifestyle coach Petri took his guests on a journey into the tranquillity of nature. This small island oasis served as the perfect location for learning basic nature skills, such as making fire and fishing. 

In Kaarnetsaari, visitors can stroll around an easy 1.5-kilometer nature trail, admire the rocky beaches of Lake Saimaa, and enjoy a cup of coffee at the island’s summer café. With the help of an augmented reality app, it is possible to encounter animals such as wolverines, golden eagles, bears, swans, wolves, and flying squirrels on the nature trail. Instructions on how to download the free app can be found on the island’s instruction board. Daily trips to from Järvisydän to Kaarnetsaari and the nearby Linnansaari National Park are arranged during the summer months, typically from May to October. 

Credits: Romain Castillo

Sulosaari island 

Sulosaari island, part of the “Isles of Happiness” archipelago, sits near the Savonlinna Market Square, a 45-minute drive from the Kuru Resort. This charming location was selected as the spot for Nature and Lifestyle coach Mikaela’s class on Finnish wellbeing and happiness. During the class, she shared insights on the factors that shape the well-being of Finns, highlighting the allure of nature and the importance of sensory-rich, recreational experiences. 

Sulosaari can be conveniently reached via a pedestrian bridge from the Savonlinna city centre. The island offers an escape from city life with a two-kilometre trail going through beautiful Lakeland scenery. The trail is accessible for all visitors. There is also a cooking shelter and a quaint crêpe café for visitors to enjoy (open during the summer). 

Credits : Romain Castillo
Credits: Romain Castillo

Putkisalo Manor 

Putkisalo is the spot where Design and Everyday coach Taina introduced "Design helps thinking" to the masterclass participants, equipping them with practical tools to add a touch of beauty – and happiness – to their everyday lives.  

At Putkisalo Manor in Rantasalmi, just 25 minutes away from Kuru Resort, visitors can embark on a journey through the past dating back to the 1500s. Over the decades, the manor has been the backdrop for grand celebrations and dinners hosted by nobility. Today, the manor, which functions as a sheep farm, offers captivating estate tours that delve into the history of the location. It also provides accommodation, dining options, and a farm shop where visitors can purchase delicacies, such as locally produced lamb meat. 

Credits : Romain Castillo
Credits: Romain Castillo


The final celebration of the Happiness Masterclass took place at PihlasResort, where the participants were immersed into an enchanting Finnish midsummer experience with sauna bathing, lakeside swims, and flower wreath crafting. 

PihlasResort, a new 5-star eco-luxury haven, is nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of Eastern Finland at the village of Kaitainen in Joroinen – 50 kilometres west of the Kuru Resort. The resort is located on a large, private natural area and it has ten design villas, a sauna, two restaurants, and a sports facility. Guests can relax at the resort’s tranquil day spa with a pampering treatment or a massage, try the lakeside-sauna Henki, dip into one of the outdoor jacuzzis, and take a refreshing swim in Lake Pihlas. 

Credits : PihlasResort
Credits: Romain Castillo

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