Nolla Cabins Isosaari

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The sustainably-minded Nolla glamping cabins explore the space between connecting and disconnecting, wilderness and primitive luxury. Our eco-friendly cabins offer zero-emission accommodations in unique locations in the midst of nature. Our cabins at Isosaari, old fortress island off the coast of Helsinki, are located on a beautiful sandy beach. From there you can admire the wonderful seascape and the location is ideal for watching both sunrises and sunsets.

The price of the accommodation includes transport to and from the island as well as access to private sauna for guests of Nolla. All you need for your trip is suitable camping gear, some snacks and bed linen or a sleeping bag – you will find everything else you need in the cabin!

Wo in Finnland?



Passende Erfahrung in May, June, July, August, September, October


Nolla Cabins

Isosaari, 00170 Helsinki
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