Hetta Huskies Summer Mushing Taster Ride with the Sled Dogs

Von 25 €
Dauer 75 minuten

As with all of our tours, a farm tour is included in this product. Hence you will start by discovering our farm and learning about our huskies and how we care for and train them. You will then help us to harness the dogs and assemble the teams.

We generally have 5 - 8 dogs in front of the cart or quad, or one in front of a fat-max (fat wheel) bike (in case you opt to bikejor instead).

Once we get the teams assembled, we’ll set off on a 2 km loop through the woods around our farm, with a break halfway along the way to let the dogs cool down.

Depending on how many people are in your group, we may do more than one loop so that everyone has a chance to ride.

We will swap out dogs from the teams, as the summer temperatures are too hot for most of them to run more than one loop comfortably, and you will help us with that. Once everyone has had a chance to ride with the dogs, you’ll help us give them a cool drink, and then bring them back to their individual kennels. You’ll always have a chance to cuddle with the dogs and take photos!

This hands-on summer mushing experience is a great opportunity to interact with our dogs, and gain insight into how much they love to work whenever they get the chance. You will see first-hand some of the thrills and excitement of running with the dogs as well as the challenges involved in training them to behave well in the line.

Summer Price: Adults €35, Children €25

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