Alluring Nukula, invites you to experience the Finnish countryside like a local

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Experience typical Finnish countryside lifestyle in a peaceful natural environment of Oravasaari village, far away from traffic noise and city lights. You will be almost in the middle of nowhere by Lake Päijänne, which is Finland’s deepest and second largest lake. Fresh air, spruces are covered with beard moss, and you can see Milky Way with its stars on the dark sky. The Otava constellation reveals to you the North Star, the fixed point of the northern hemisphere. Nature in Nukula, touches you.

Enjoy the traditional, sustainable Finnish lifestyle and various seasonal activities. Eat healthy homemade food, relax your mind, and celebrate Finnish everyday life with us. Accommodation will be in double rooms in the Historic Log House Charm with ecological dry toilets. You will get full board, sauna, and guided activities. All in a place, which will make you feel like home.

In winter or summer, rain, or sunshine, you can participate in daily Finnish routines. Challenge yourself with tasks such as kick sledding, snow clearing, forest work, planting, homemade cooking, heating up the sauna, forest walking, picking berries and herbs, observing birds, swimming in the lake, and ice fishing.

Be present in the moment and hear your own mind in the rich silence. Please, observe as the lake and forest change according to Mother Earth’s gentle touch.

Please take note that our exact postal code address is 41630 ORAVASAARI. (We are located at the border line of City of Jyväskylä and Toivakka.)

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