Sauna Carriage in Apukka, Rovaniemi, Lapland

Von 109 €
Dauer 90 minuten

Apukka Resort - Rovaniemi, Lapland

Just as you thought the love the Finns have for saunas couldn't get any more mesmerizing, this little sauna on wheels appears to brighten your day!

A traditional Finnish sauna waiting for you on your doorstep? As you book this sauna, you're soon about to witness how a peculiar, cute little sauna slides its way to the front of your doorstep. As you'll hear a knock on your door you'll know the sauna is ready for you to step into the gentle warmth of this unique wood-heated sauna.


1,5 Hours

What the tour includes

Private use of Sauna Carriage transported to your accommodation, the guidance of Apukka's Sauna Host, Sauna coats and slippers

Wo in Finnland?



Passende Erfahrung in January, February, March, April, December


Apukka Resort

Tutkijantie 28, 96900 Rovaniemi
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