Welcome to Helsinki – where happiness resides

Year after year, Finland has been chosen as the happiest country in the world, and as such, we've made it our mission to share the methods to our happiness with everyone. We believe that tapping into your inner Finn is the key to unlocking your happiness. This year, it’s time to find your inner Helsinkian in the capital of the happiest country in the world – Helsinki.

Nestled along the picturesque shores of the Baltic Sea, Helsinki is a bustling metropolis bursting with energy and creativity, where simplicity reigns supreme and joy is found in everyday moments. Here, the rhythm of life is attuned to the gentle ebb and flow of the seasons, each one offering its unique palette of colours and experiences.


Master your Happiness like a Helsinkian
Helsinki_Happiness_Hacks_Sunset_by_Oona_Aittokoski - Oona Aittokoski
The in-person experience in Helsinki

We invite a selected group of happiness seekers to discover Finnish happiness skills in our enchanting city of Helsinki this June. With a vibrant blend of sauna culture, serene seas, captivating islands, innovative design, and quirky charm, Helsinki sets the stage for an unforgettable experience.

The 14 participants for the in-person Happiness Hacks have been chosen. Make sure to follow our Instagram and TikTok channels to follow along their happiness journey and stay tuned for more inspiration on how to find your inner Helsinkian coming up this autumn.

Uncover the essence of Helsinki Happiness

Helsinki_Happiness_Hacks_Lonna_by_Julia_Kivela_400 - Julia Kivelä

Health & Balance

Tune into your inner happiness by finding peace and quiet in a capital city that, through its diverse landscape, offers endless opportunities for increasing a sense of inner balance.
Helsinki_Happiness_Hacks_Restaurant_Harju8_by Mariia_Kauppi_Visit_Finland_400 - Mariia Kauppi

Food & Wellbeing

Delve into Helsinki’s inclusive cuisine inspired by the Baltic Sea, where Everyman’s rights, proximity to nature and gastronomic creativity are key drivers for wellbeing.
Helsinki_Happiness_Hacks_artist_at_work_by_Aleksi_Poutanen_400 - Aleksi Poutanen

Design & Everyday

Discover how design, art and architecture are building blocks of a happy Helsinkian and witness it come to life in every aspect as an integral part of their everyday life.
Helsinki_Happiness_Hacks_Juhlaviikot_TheNightOfArts_by_Julia_Kivela_400 - Julia Kivelä

Nature & Lifestyle

Experience a buzzing seaside city where endless summer days, island-hopping, beautiful architecture, and vibrant sauna culture blend seamlessly, offering urban life in balance with nature.

Hack your happiness with our Helsinki Hackers

Who are the Happiness Hackers?

The Helsinki Happiness Hackers are a diverse group of Helsinkians here to guide you on your journey to finding your inner Helsinkian and mastering your happiness – the Finnish way.

Credits: Linda Tammisto

Hack your happiness with our Helsinki Hackers

Tero Kuitunen

Tero Kuitunen, a Finnish designer, brings joy to everyday life with his whimsical creations, from ceramic sausages to vibrant rainbows. His unique approach to design goes beyond the ordinary, infusing humour and bold colours into every project. With a passion for hands-on creation and a belief in the power of tactile engagement, Tero inspires others to connect with their senses and find happiness in the simple pleasures of life.

Credits: Sofia Okkonen

Hack your happiness with our Helsinki Hackers

Lena Salmi

Lena Salmi, a 70-year-old from Helsinki, defies stereotypes by skateboarding through the city streets in a tutu, embracing her unique identity and passion for adventure. She finds happiness in being true to herself and enjoys the camaraderie of the skateboarding community. Lena sees skateboarding as a way to unite people from diverse backgrounds, often teaching others, regardless of age, to embrace life's joys and live without fear.

Credits: Maija Astikainen

Hack your happiness with our Helsinki Hackers

Tapio Hakanen

Tapio Hakanen, known as DJ Orkidea, is a legendary figure in Finnish DJ culture, with a career spanning over 30 years and 2000 gigs worldwide. Born and bred in Helsinki, he's known for organising unique events, reflecting his passion for bringing people together in creative communities. Tapio finds happiness in large events and the smallest everyday moments, embodying the essence of urban city culture and shared experiences.

Credits: Matti Pyykkö

Hack your happiness with our Helsinki Hackers

Adela Pajunen

Adela Pajunen, a biologist and advocate for wellbeing through nature, champions the impact of natural surroundings on health and happiness. She has pioneered a globally recognized Finnish nature-prescription model and encourages all to reconnect with nature. Inspired by her childhood experiences in Lapland, Adela's lifelong passion for the natural world led her to guide people to embrace nature's healing potential through various educational initiatives and forest excursions.

Credits: Okko Oinonen

Hack your happiness with our Helsinki Hackers

Luka Balac

Luka Balac, a culinary virtuoso inspired by his grandmother's cooking, boasts extensive self-taught experience in casual and fine dining. Since 2018, he's opened three renowned Helsinki restaurants rooted deeply in sustainability, spreading joy through food. Navigating his ventures with an open mind and positive attitude, Luka's dedication to craft and zest for life make him an inspiring figure in Helsinki's culinary scene.

Credits: Eeva Suutari / Frenn Helsinki

Helsinki Happiness Hacks from real Helsinkians

We asked Helsinkians to share some of their happiness hacks with us, but first, we need to define what a hack is: A combination of a specific action + ideal surroundings creating a distinctive Helsinki experience that enables the lifestyle of the world's happiest country. Get inspired by these few gems shared by Helsinkians.

Morning hitch-hike on a sailing boat

Credits: Jussi Hellsten

Just after sunrise, Kompassitori in Kaivopuisto is bustling with Helsinkians leaving to spend the day at sea – breathing in the fresh air and gaining a different perspective on their home city and life itself. Wear waterproof gear and head to Kompassitori to hitch a ride; the welcoming citizen residents just might take you on board for a sail in the sunrise.

Bike ride in Central Park

Credits: Susanna Lehto

Grab your bike and head to the trails of Central Park from the city centre. On Spotify, you can find a playlist called 'Outdoor Cycling 2024' – keep the rhythm according to the songs. Experience the best of summer in Helsinki.

Crisps and salmon mousse by the seaside

Credits: Mariia Kauppi

You can find crisps at any local corner store, and in Helsinki, you'll also find salmon mousse. Add them to your shopping basket, head towards the seaside and enjoy dipping in every moment.

The functional duo of Sauna & Sausage

Credits: Jussi Hellsten

It might sound weird, but trust us, this is epic! You can do this in your own sauna, but ideally, you should enjoy the jaw-dropping architecture of the public saunas in Helsinki while testing the Finnish sausage madness. At home, put the sausages into tin foil and place them on the sauna stone – in public saunas, save the cooking for after the sauna on public grills. The combo of you and the sausage sizzling in sync creates an amazingly functional hack – design happiness in a unique way!

Inspiration for your next trip

Not sure what to do on your next trip to Helsinki? No worries. We have gathered a selection of curated experiences from different parts of the city. Find interesting sights to see, places to visit, and restaurants to dine in.

The best of summer in Helsinki

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