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Credits: Mariia Kauppi

We have now selected 14 participants to attend the in-person Helsinki Happiness Hacks this June. Follow the happiness journey on Visit Finland's social media channels and stay tuned for more Happiness Hack inspiration coming to you soon!

Thank you to all who applied!

Thank you for the numerous applications for our Helsinki Happiness Hacks! We have chosen 14 participants out of all the applications who will embark on their Helsinki Happiness Hacks journey in person. The selected happiness seekers have been personally contacted and communicated on our Instagram and TikTok channels.

Didn't get chosen? No worries, you still have the chance to hack your happiness! We have something great cooking for you, available later this year to all who want to find their inner Helsinkian. Follow Visit Finland's social media channels to stay tuned for more information!

Happiness in Helsinki

What makes a Helsinkian happy? Living by the sea. Appreciating everyday design and art. Connecting with the surrounding nature. Cherishing gently passing moments and spaces in a city synchronised with the changing seasons.

Credits: Miikka Pirinen

Sneak peek of the Happiness Hackers

Discover the happiness themes and get to know our Happiness Hackers that will share their secrets to happiness during the 5-day in-person experience in the enchanting city of Helsinki this June.

Credits: Linda Tammisto

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What now?

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