Best new public saunas in Finland

Credits: Serlachius Art Sauna

Discover public saunas - the hottest trend in the country

Public sauna culture is currently having its heyday in Finland. The nation with a population of 5.5 million is estimated to have over three million saunas but there’s always room for more.

Currently, holistic sauna experiences that support well-being are on trend. There’s a demand for calming spaces where you can leave worries behind along with your digital devices. Simultaneously, there’s a need for cosy, social spaces where you can chill over a drink or enjoy a hearty meal made of seasonal, local ingredients.

Uniquely designed and themed public saunas have become popular as both locals and visitors long to experience sights out of the ordinary. Into art or death metal? Now you have a sauna to match your interest.

Here’s our curated list of some of the best new saunas in Finland to visit in 2023.

The list has last been updated in March 2023.

Serlachius Art Sauna, Mänttä-Vilppula

Mänttä-Vilppula, a small yet distinguished art city in the Lakeland region, is a tremendous destination to invigorate the body and soul. The Serlachius Museum Gustaf’s award-winning exhibitions share a fascinating story about the history of the Finnish paper industry. Serlachius Museum Gösta – a must-see modern architecture destination – showcases artworks from Finland’s Golden Age along with evocative contemporary pieces from renowned Finnish and international artists.

Apart from engaging history, fine art, and magnificent architecture, the recently opened, ultramodern Serlachius Art Sauna near Gösta invites you to relax and enjoy the soothing lakeside views amid green forests. The sauna features a round steam room, a stunning mosaic outdoor shower designed by Tuula Lehtinen, and a large terrace with a jacuzzi, grill, and an unbeatable view of Lake Melasjärvi. Reserve a place beforehand to visit the sauna on public days. You may also book Serlachius Art Sauna for private use.

Art Sauna Serlachius' round wooden steam room showcases expertise in craftsmanship.
Credits: Art Sauna Serlachius
Serlachius Museum Gösta and the Art Sauna are located by the beautiful Lake Melasjärvi.
Credits : Serlachius-museot/ Olli Huttunen
Enjoy the views at the large, sunny terrace of the Art Sauna.
Credits: Serlachius Museums, Sampo Linkoneva

Sataman Viilu, Jyväskylä

At the port of Jyväskylä – a famous Alvar Aalto destination in Lakeland – you’ll find the new hotspot in town: the brand-new sauna-restaurant hub Viilu. In this sleek new wooden building by Lake Jyväsjärvi, you can visit three different, unisex saunas year-round. Cool off by taking a dip in the fresh water or relax by watching the lakeside horizon in the jacuzzi. After bathing, enjoy a relaxed meal made of high-quality, seasonal ingredients at Viilu’s restaurant. Alternatively, continue a fun night over drinks with friends – the old and the new!

Let your eyes resting gazing at the Lake Jyväsjärvi while enjoying the gentle heat of the sauna.
Credits: Sataman Viilu
The relaxed Restaurant Viilu is a great place to meet with locals!
Credits : Sataman Viilu
Restaurant Viilu offers hearty meals made of fresh, local ingredients.
Credits: Sataman Viilu
Recognizable Sataman Viilu building is located in the Lutakko district of Jyväskylä next to the harbour.
Credits: Sataman Viilu

Bodom Bar and Sauna, Espoo

If you’re a hardcore fan of Finnish death metal or searching for a truly unique sauna experience, make a pilgrimage to the new Bodom Bar & Sauna in Espoo, just 150 metres from the Niittykumpu metro station. This curious place is filled with the legendary death metal band Children of Bodom’s memorabilia such as stage props, guitars, and handwritten original notes from studio and practice sessions. Explore the vast collection over a drink and a pizza at the bar and finish the tour with a refreshing sauna session. There are three saunas at Bodom Bar & Sauna: women’s, men’s, and mixed, and here walk-ins are always welcome.  

The dark aesthetics of the Bodom Bar and Sauna continue in the dressing rooms.
Credits : Antti Rastivo
Is it a bar or a museum? The amount of various Children of Bodom memorabilia in the bar is astounding.
Credits: Bodom Bar & Sauna

Lehmonkärki Sauna World, Asikkala

Lehmonkärki Sauna World by the beautiful Lake Päijänne in Asikkala is a real gem for sauna beginners and enthusiasts alike. Enjoy the gentle heat of the 100-year-old smoke sauna, marvel at the panoramic lake view from the wood-heated glass wall sauna, or relax at the intimate hut sauna. At the Sauna World, you can also book a sauna treatment if you want to dig deeper into the authentic Finnish sauna traditions and folklore. Unless you just want to get cosy in the fireplace room or feel at ease sipping a refreshing drink in the outdoor jacuzzi.

Fragrant birch whisks are a great addition to any sauna experience.
Credits: Julia Kivelä
At Lehmonkärki Sauna World, you have the chance to experience the soft heat of a 100-year-old, traditional smoke sauna.
Credits : Julia Kivelä
Summer nights by the Lake Päijänne offer many ways to relax.
Credits: Julia Kivelä

Kakola Spa, Turku

In the exquisite hotel and restaurant hub of the Kakolanmäki district in Turku, you’ll find the hidden oasis of Kakola Spa. Here, in the depths of a former prison building, you get to escape the ordinary and indulge in the spa's various wellness services. Breathe in the soothing scent of spruce in the twig sauna or find delight in the surprising, multi-sensory experience of a stone sauna. Apart from five saunas, four pools, and special effect showers, Kakola Spa offers a selection of luxurious treatments.

Hottest newcomers

Luoto, Kuopio

This summer the Lakeland city Kuopio will have a gorgeous new wellness haven Luoto on the shore of Lake Kallasjärvi.

Luoto opens in May 2023.

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