Must-visit wild food restaurants in Finland

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Credits: Kaskis

The game is on! On a plate, that is.

Vast forests and pure waters have always provided Finns with fresh food. In the hands of Finland’s best chefs, this connection with the wild has evolved into creative cuisine that pays homage to pure tastes. 

Finnish wild food restaurants use local, seasonal, and often organic ingredients. From Michelin-starred establishments to casual settings, and from traditional recipes to modern menus, here are our top picks of Finnish restaurants serving food from the wild. 

Article updated August 17, 2023.

Restaurant Grön, Helsinki – Urban restaurant with a farm

Grön provides seasonal menus that reflect the natural flow of nature. Besides its central location in Helsinki’s Kamppi district, the intimate 18-seat restaurant owns a farm that supplies the vegetables and greens. Follow the chefs in the open kitchen as they turn foraged and seasonal ingredients into mouth-watering dishes. In addition to their standard Michelin star, the restaurant has been awarded a Green Michelin star for its sustainable practices. The bread alone is a reason to visit!

Credits : Grön
Credits: Grön

Restaurant Nokka, Helsinki – One of Finland's best with a sustainability focus

Restaurant Nokka – a regular patron on Finland's best restaurants list – sits by a canal in Helsinki’s beautiful Katajanokka district. Chef and owner Ari Ruoho harvests, hunts, and fishes to secure the best ingredients for the restaurant. One specialty of Nokka is rockweed, a native seaweed. Ruoho harvests it from the outermost islands of the Baltic. No ingredient is put to waste at Nokka; every item is used from nose to tail and from root to tip. 

Credits: Riku Pihlanto

Restaurant Natura, Helsinki – Modern and innovative cuisine in the heart of the capital

Natura, a family-run restaurant in the bustling Punavuori district of Helsinki, focuses on Finnish game, vegetables, and sustainable seafood. Here you can find dishes with ingredients like wild duck and elk from Inkoo, zander caught by a local fisherman in Pietarsaari, and rhubarb, hibiscus, peanuts, and blackcurrants from the restaurant's own garden. There’s no need for suits and ties; the open kitchen atmosphere is relaxed, casual, and accessible to all. Natura was awarded the Michelin Green Star in 2022.

Credits: Natura

Restaurant VÅR, Porvoo – Playful classics in a historical setting

Restaurant VÅR is one of the latest additions to Finland’s Michelin-starred restaurants list. To get to VÅR, head to the picture-perfect town of Porvoo, a one-hour drive west from Helsinki. The collective operating the restaurant cherishes traditions but also strives to present their playful version of modern Finnish cuisine. The seasonal set menu focuses on fresh local ingredients, with wild fish, vegetables, and the finest Finnish dairy products as the basis of the menu.

Credits : Michelin Restaurant Vår, Porvoo
Credits: Michelin Restaurant Vår, Porvoo

Restaurant Nili, Rovaniemi – Modern cuisine in a rustic Lapland setting

Nili Restaurant in Rovaniemi offers a captivating blend of Lapland's natural bounty and culinary innovation. Situated in the heart of Finnish Lapland, Nili embraces the pristine Arctic surroundings and infuses them into their dishes, showcasing a harmonious marriage of traditional flavours and modern gastronomy. With a focus on locally sourced ingredients, including game meats, fish from nearby waters, and handpicked forest treasures, Nili delivers a unique dining experience that captures the essence of Lapland's untamed beauty. The restaurant's warm wooden interior and soft lighting invites you to dine for hours!

Credits: Restaurant Nili

Restaurant Aanaar, Inari – Arctic wild food of the North

Located 300 kilometres north from the Arctic Circle in Lapland, Aanaar in Inari literally puts wilderness on a plate. The menu is crafted from the Arctic flora and fauna, featuring exotic ingredients such as lichen, angelica, whitefish, and, of course, reindeer. This award-winning restaurant is dedicated to protecting local nature and supporting indigenous Sámi culture. The roots of the restaurant date back to the late 1930s.

Credits: Aanaar

Restaurant Kaskis, Turku – Modern cuisine on the West coast

Kaskis in Turku is a culinary gem known for its innovative approach to Finnish cuisine, artfully combining local ingredients with modern techniques. You might bump into the restaurant’s chefs, Erik Mansikka and Simo Raisio, in Turku’s forests gathering ingredients for their restaurant. Sustainability plays a significant role at Kaskis. For instance, they repurpose their empty beer bottles into new and distinctive water glasses for the restaurant. In 2022, Kaskis received a Michelin Star and was honoured with the Michelin Sommelier of the Year award.

Credits : Visit Turku
Credits: City of Turku

Restaurant Niinipuu, Puumala – Idyllic island restaurant in Lakeland

Restaurant Niinipuu at Okkola holiday cottage resort is housed within an old stone barn, forging a strong connection between the dining experience and the surrounding environment. Situated on an island in Finland’s biggest lake, Lake Saimaa, the restaurant prominently features fish on its menu. The idyllic town Puumala is in the Lakeland region; it is approximately a 1.5-hour drive from Mikkeli or Lappeenranta. Access to the island is available around the clock with a ferry service – once you get there, don’t hesitate to request a drink infused with birch sap!

Credits : Okkolan Lomamökit
Credits: Okkolan Lomamökit

Restaurant Harmooni, Jyväskylä – Harmony for all senses

Right in the centre of Jyväskylä in the Lakeland region is a wild food restaurant that is loved by the locals: Harmooni. The restaurant is hosted in an old Art Nouveau-style harmonium factory – the Finnish word for harmonium is "harmooni" – dating back to the beginning of the 20th century. The seasonal, wild, organic, and forest-sourced dishes make use of fresh and pure ingredients from local producers. Try dishes from the á la carte menu or go for a 5 or 7 course tasting menu!

Credits: Julia Kivelä

Other wild food restaurants picks in Finland

Craving more dining options at restaurants serving wild food? No need to fret – numerous spots await to satisfy your gourmet cravings. We've gathered a list of additional wild food restaurants with links below.

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