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Delving into Lapland's summer wonders, savouring food and culture amid pristine air and unique accommodations? You're the cultural voyager we've been waiting for. Let the adventure begin – explore Vesku's handpicked wonders for an unforgettable summer Lapland experience!

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Immerse yourself in the maritime vibes in Kemi

Kemi, situated in Sea Lapland, boasts a unique location nestled in Lapland alongside the world's sweetest sea. In the summer, visitors can bask in the light of the midnight sun, enjoying warm days filled with seaside activities. Kemi's rich and diverse history, coupled with its vibrant cultural heritage, provides a fascinating backdrop for exploration. Kemi can be reached conveniently by car, train, plane, or bus, with direct connections available. Visitors can partake in year-round attractions such as the SnowCastle and guided sailing trips in national parks. Embracing the local lifestyle, characterised by a relaxed pace of life by the sea, adds to the charm of Kemi.

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