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Delving into Lapland's summer wonders, savouring food and culture amid pristine air and unique accommodations? You're the cultural voyager we've been waiting for. Let the adventure begin – explore Vesku's handpicked wonders for an unforgettable summer Lapland experience!

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  • Lapland North
  • Levi
  • Rovaniemi
  • Ruka-Kuusamo
  • Ylläs

Siida Sámi Museum

Experience the heart of the region's history, culture, and nature at Siida Sámi Museum & North Lapland Nature Centre.

Restaurant Kaltio: Where Lappish Cuisine Shines

Indulge in the essence of Lappish flavors at Restaurant Kaltio. Honored with the prestigious Chaîne des Rôtisseurs accolade, relish exquisite cuisine in a cozy ambiance wrapped around a grand fireplace.

Aanaar: Savor Lapland's Wilderness Story

Step into Aanaar, where Lapland's where traditional Lappish ingredients meet modern and innovative cooking. The restaurant nestled by River Juutua invites you to savor Lapland's seasonal delights.

Top summer destinations in Lapland

Struggling to decide where to spend your summer holiday? Here are five incredible destinations in Finnish Lapland, including the truly unbeatable places to see the Northern Lights in the spring and autumn.

Introduction to destinations


Lapland North




Top things to do

Discover the top things to do in Lapland in spring, summer, and autumn. Stay in the very best places, experience amazing activities, and uncover hidden gems – it’s all here, in the land of the midnight sun.

Must-visit nature locations in summer Lapland

Summer in Lapland is truly magical and there are many must-see nature locations to visit from national parks to canyons and fells.

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