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Luminous Luxury

Indulging in lavish comfort while bathing in Lapland's perpetual summer light? That's your kind of luxury. Let the adventure begin – explore Vesku's handpicked wonders for an unforgettable summer Lapland experience!

See your summer Lapland recommendations for all five destinations.

  • Lapland North
  • Levi
  • Rovaniemi
  • Ruka-Kuusamo
  • Ylläs

Discover Norlight: Lapland's Magical Retreat

Norlight, situated in Lapland's heart, offers unique cottages near Ivalo. Discover the captivating 'Tuli' by Lake Rahajärvi, alongside our beloved 'Aurinko West' and 'Aurinko East' cottages.

Adventure at the Doorstep in Wilderness Hotel Inari

A mere five minutes from the Sámi village Inari, a top resort serves as your perfect launchpad into the area's rich culture. Experience quality accommodation amidst pristine nature, with thrilling Arctic adventures.

Finland's Northernmost Lake and Its Secrets

This unparalleled lake, born from an ancient fjord after the Ice Age, straddles the Norwegian-Finnish border. Discover a world of treeless fells and lake valleys.

Top summer destinations in Lapland

Struggling to decide where to spend your summer holiday? Here are five incredible destinations in Finnish Lapland, including the truly unbeatable places to see the Northern Lights in the spring and autumn.

Introduction to destinations

Lapland North





Top things to do

Discover the top things to do in Lapland in spring, summer, and autumn. Stay in the very best places, experience amazing activities, and uncover hidden gems – it’s all here, in the land of the midnight sun.

Roam Ylläs in the summer

The biggest ski centre of Finland 'Ylläs' is an action-packed destination during Lapland's summer. Look here to read more.

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