Vesku's story

Credits: Kota Collective

Step into Vesku's world – the heart-warming story of a Lapland reindeer becoming a wilderness advocate.

Credits: Kota Collective

I am Vesku, the lucky buck who likes to share. This is my story. I was born in Finnish Lapland on a cold, crisp day when the winter of the Arctic Circle was transitioning into spring, and the green shoots were pushing through the last remnants of snow.

I was a new reindeer in a place where 210,000 others already roam. But two things made me different. My unusual face markings, light as the Lappish summer sky, and being orphaned just after I was born.

Though, I feel like luck has always been on my side. The people who found me are my family. And I’ve made many human friends as I’ve grown.

These humans have shown me many interesting things. How they stretch their bodies and find stillness with yoga. How they glide across the water in canoes. The dark, rich liquid they love to drink that they make in Lapland over the fire. In return, I have shown them what I know about the natural world.

It’s both old traditions and personal experiences that have taught me to trust the wilderness.

Watch this film and take a deeper dive into my one-of-a-kind story and Lapland's summer magic.

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