Wilderness awaits less than an hour away from the capital

National parks in Helsinki Region

Outdoor adventure just around the corner

There are two national parks within easy reach from Helsinki city center.  Both Sipoonkorpi and Nuuksio are open year-round and are suitable for visitors of all ages. Enjoy the fresh air and amazing views. Hike on marked trails, relax over a picnic by a campfire, and – if you are wild enough – stay overnight at a designated camping site.

Sipoonkorpi National Park

At Sipoonkorpi National Park you are spoiled for choice when choosing the activities. Try out the traditional smoke saunas nearby the park at Café Kuusijärvi, go geocaching, or enjoy bird watching on the riverbank. Sipoonkorpi National Park is open year-round, but late summer and autumn are a particularly great time to visit - it is the berry and mushroom season. There is no fee to pick these wild delicacies, but make sure to familiarize yourself with Everyman’s Right beforehand.

Taking the bus is the greener option to get there, but you can also find your way to Sipoonkorpi by car. 

Credits: Raimo Voutilainen


Nuuksio National Park is nature's treasure trove in the metropolitan area. It’s the perfect place to wind down and explore the wonders of the Nordic wilderness. Opt for a bus instead of a car to find your way to Nuuksio carbon-consciously. Visit the Finnish Nature Centre Haltia and test one of the many marked trails. Services are available in the area all year round, however, there are no grocery stores nearby, so in case you are planning to stop over for a picnic by a designated campfire, make sure to bring food and beverages with you!

The overall landscape in Nuuksio is quite demanding due to differences in altitude, but locations such as Haukkalampi or Kattila are possible to visit using a wheelchair or pushing prams. You can also stay overnight at one of the twelve camping sites – free of charge. If you'd like to explore the larger Nuuksio region, visit nuuksiolakeland.fi for more information.

Credits : Visit Espoo / Natura Viva
Credits: Hendrik Morkel