Experience the magic of Arctic wilderness

National parks in Lapland

Credits: Julia Kivelä

Lapland delivers year-round

There’s no better place to experience the real magic of Arctic nature than in a national park in Lapland. Enjoy the golden hours of the Midnight Sun in the summer and the breathtaking colours of the autumn foliage. Or encounter the iconic Northern Lights alongside the snowy landscapes during the winter and early spring. The national parks in Lapland have plenty of activities for you to discover in all seasons.

Lemmenjoki National Park

Lemmenjoki National Park is the largest nature reserve in Finland. The extensive wilderness areas in this nature reserve are located mostly on the north and south side of Lemmenjoki River. Start by visiting the Ravadasköngäs waterfall and continue your day on a hiking trail. Alternatively, try your luck at fishing if you have a permit. Grayling is a common catch in the area, but if the fish is not biting, stop over for lunch at the Sámi museum and nature centre Siida.

Credits: Erkki Ollila

Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park

According to scientists, Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park has the cleanest air anywhere in the world! Detox your lungs and mind and opt for a day hike, which is what this nature reserve is ideal for. If you are up for a little challenge, try the Taivaskeronkierros Circle Trail leading to the top of the highest fell in the park. From there, you get an incredible 360-degree view of the unspoiled wilderness.

Credits: Eeva Mäkinen


Pyhä-Luosto National Park consists of Finland's oldest National Park Pyhätunturi and the Luosto area northwest of Pyhätunturi fell. The former is known for its geology and Forest Sámi history, and the latter is the home of majestic old-growth pine forests.

If you are planning a hike or a skiing trip in the area, a good place to start is at Visitor Centre Naava. Pay a visit to Finland’s deepest gorge Isokuru, a stunning geological specialty, or take part in a guided tour to the nearby Lampivaara Amethyst Mine. It is one of the only jewel mines in the world where visitors are permitted.

Credits: Olli Oilinki

Urho Kekkonen National Park

Urho Kekkonen National Park is among Finland’s most popular outdoor destinations. Its remote Korvatunturi fell is perhaps most famously known to be the home of Santa Claus! However, Santa, his wife, and his elf entourage need ultimate privacy to create the magic for each Christmas, so it’s best to stay out of this isolated area. This nature reserve is a perfect destination whether you are travelling with children or if you are already an experienced hiker. The Urho Kekkonen National Park is easy to access from Saariselkä. Trek on foot or skis in this nature reserve’s arctic landscapes and stop over at a day cabin or a wilderness hut – the park has the densest network in Finland.

Credits: Jaakko Posti


Although Salla National Park is proudly located in ‘the middle of nowhere’, it is easily accessible by public transportation. Catch a direct bus from Kuusamo Airport and Kemijärvi Train Station to the Sallatunturi Tourist Center and continue from there to hiking trails leading to the national park. There are many trails to match your fitness level and mood of the day. The park’s main attractions are Pahakuru ravine, Kaunisharju esker, Kolmiloukkonen lake, Tunturilampi pond and northern Sallatunturi fell. 

Credits: Harri Tarvainen


Oulanka National Park is one of the most magical nature reserves in Europe. The nature in northern Finland is wild, diverse, and rich in species. The park is known for the most impressive waterfalls in Finland, steep gorges, suspension bridges, and rare plants, yet it also has mires, sandy beaches, and lush forests. Visit the park during the autumn foliage, and you have the chance to see nature at its most colourful – and with fewer mosquitoes.

Credits: Julia Kivelä


The scenic Riisitunturi National Park is a stunning hiking destination all year round. The park really has something for everybody - whether you enjoy cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, trekking, or bird watching, Riisitunturi has it all. The area is also known among nature photographers worldwide for its photogenic white forests and sloping bogs. Riisitunturi’s snow-crowned spruces under the northern lights are definitely a sight to see.

Credits: Tiina Törmänen