Mallassepät Public Brewery Tour

From 25 €
Duration 90 minutes

Do you want to know more about Mallassepät, how amazing craft beer is produced or what kind of work and life is at a brewery? The answers you will get from Mallassepät Brewery Tour! This 1,5 hours tour takes you through the process of making beer and life at a brewery here at the Mallassepät, one of the best craft beer breweries of Finland. You will taste beers and the ingredients, see the equipment and warehouse and learn everything how we make beer. Tours are held in a relaxed mood and athmosphere, all kinds of questions are welcome and you don't need to know anything about beer before attending the tour.

We are doing regular, open for everyone Brewery Tours once a month, usually the first Friday of the month. Maximum group size for the tour is 30 people. Please, check the exact schedule at our website.

Reservations are not mandatory, but we recommend that you book your place for the regular tour via email at shop@mallassepat.fi.

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Lietsalantie 11, 21110 Naantali
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