Reindeer Yoga

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Duration 90 minutes

Reindeer yoga combines the benefits of northern nature, the soothing presence of reindeer, and yoga techniques to balance the body and mind. You will learn a lot about reindeer and living in the north during reindeer yoga. Our outdoor yoga studio at Kujala Reindeer Farm is actually a reindeer fence in the middle of nature. Our walls are the reindeer herd around us and the sky is our ceiling. Nature has always been a place of peace and well-being for people of the north. Now you can experience the same. It's the surrounding nature and its sounds, the quiet moves of the reindeer, and the lilting of the reindeer bells that keep the thoughts straight in this moment.

The reindeer herders lead us first to the heart of the farm, the reindeer fence. For about an hour, we practice yoga and various nature therapy techniques using reindeer hides as yoga mats. Afterwards, you can visit the farm's handicraft workshop.

Reindeer yoga does not require previous yoga experience, and it is suitable for anyone who likes to feel good and meet the reindeer.

We use reindeer hides as yoga mats, except they are much more than just yoga mats. They're a warm and sheltered space that allows us to experience nature in these arctic conditions, where temperatures can drop to -30C in winter. They're the most ecological and sustainable choice in the north. Reindeer hide is a natural product that has not been treated with harsh chemicals and is a bi-product of reindeer herding.

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