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Hotel Kämp is like a celebrity of the Finnish hotel business, the one everyone knows and whose fame and success are both envied and admired. Kämp is a hotel for cosmopolitan, quality-conscious, fashionable, cultivated, demanding customers. Staying here has nothing to do with age or occupation: it is all about lifestyle – at Hotel Kämp, the customer always expects to receive the very best.

While Hotel Kämp has been the landmark of Helsinki's growth into a national and European capital, it has also provided a residence for Finnish artists, ruling elite and intelligentsia. Its history has been colourful and it certainly has been growing and developing alongside Helsinki.

Kämp's rich, prestigious past continues to define its soul and being, while it offers all the modern luxuries and services one can desire. Kämp wishes to maintain many of the traditional and timeless elements embedded in its and city’s past and to integrate them with modern luxury features to balance heritage with high functionality. This will create the best overall hotel experience.

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Hotel Kämp

Pohjoisesplanadi 29, 00100 Helsinki
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