Waffle restaurant Amandis

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Have you already tasted the best waffles in the world? We got you!

Welcome to Amandis, a family run business that was founded in 2003. We want to create an experience for our customers through quality products, excellent service, and beautiful surroundings. Amandis operates as a café-restaurant, a small boutique hotel and an event service.

Amandis is known for its waffles, which are regarded as the best in the world. The waffles are handmade from scratch in Amandis’ own kitchen and are an irresistible treat in which you can choose a sweet or a savoury filling.

In the summertime, we serve cooling beverages, and during cold frosty days, warm and steaming drinks. In the winter, we also serve popular salmon soup and, during the game season, a delicious soup made from game. Amandis’ summer terrace by the sea caters for up to 150 people, where customers can enjoy the delightful scenery and Amandis’ beloved delicacies and classics. Additionally, there are 50 customer seats indoors. Come and taste delicious waffles and enjoy wonderful Naantali.

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Nunnakatu 6, 21100 Naantali
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