Kuopion Saana, Sauna & Spa

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Kuopion Saana combines Finnish sauna experience, excellent restaurant services as well as numerous events and activities in one location. These services together with the exceptional architecture and unique location right by the Kallavesi lake make the Saana one of the most interesting places to visit in Lakeland area.

You can relax in our spa that has a 30-seat mixed-gender sauna, an indoor hot tub, an experience shower and heated loungers. The outdoor area of the spa has a smoke sauna and two heated pools.

After 2 hours sauna experience it´s time to taste the great dishes of the Saana restaurant. The tasty food is generated from high-quality raw materials, which have been provided by local producers whenever possible. Beside the local food, Saana offers also a wide range of local drinks that come for example from The RPS Brewery and Lignell & Piispanen distillery that are situated less than 1 km from the Saana.

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Matkailukeskus Kuopion Saana Oy

Siikaranta 12, 70620 Kuopio
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