Arkadia Reindeer Farm Visit and Reindeer Sledge Drive

From 127 €
Duration 2 hours

After a car transfer to Reindeer Farm you will get close to reindeers and also get feeding them and get some pictures. The most traditional way to travel in Lapland is a reindeer sleigh. As the reindeer slowly travels through the wintery landscape, you can experience the feeling of eternity and being a part of nature in 1,5km long reindeer ride. You can also take a test in reindeer drive. After a lesson, you will drive reindeer and maybe you will also get a reindeer driving licence if you pass the test. After reindeer ride we will also tell you some stories about reindeers life and serve for you coffee and hot juice with the home made cookie. After the ride you can test your skills in the reindeer lasso throwing. If you are succeed, you will get certificate of merit. In reindeer farm you can also visit in farm’s shop. Return by a car.

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Suitable experience in January, February, March, April, December


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