Liminka Bay: Guided visit to birdtower

From 250 €
Duration 1 hours

Guided Birdwatching Tour at Liminka Bay

Enjoy a visit to Liminka Bay birdwatching tower with a professional guide. Liminka Bay is the best place for birdwatching - it will inspire also inexperienced birdwatchers to get to know more about birds’ life. Liminka Bay is the most famous wetland in Finland and an internationally significant resting and nesting area for migratory birds. The best time for a visit is during spring and autumn migration but Liminka Bay is definitely must-see destination all-year-round.

We can customize a tour emphasizing different themes according to the interests and needs of your group. Along with guided tour it is good to take a coffee or snack break in Hotel-Restaurant Liminka bay. Liminka Bay Visitor Centre governed by Metsähallitus is also in the same building.

Book your tour and enjoy your visit at Liminka Bay birdwatching tower with a professional guide!

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Suitable experience in April, May, June, July, August, September, October


Hotelli-Ravintola Liminganlahti

Rantakurvi 6, 91900 Liminka
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