Cahkal Hotel, Kilpisjärvi, Finnish Lapland

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Cahkal Hotel is upcoming authentic, top-level destination in Finnish Lapland, 450km above arctic circle, close to the border of Norway and Sweden. Combining modern design and Northern hospitality, Cahkal Hotel services take you one step closer to nature.

It'a all about unforgettable experiences!

We provide year round high end services; hotel accommodation, wilderness experiences, sauna and restaurant services.

All facilities have scenic windows so you can admire exquisite fell and mountain views.


Our restaurant is the perfect place to savour the catch of the day. Seasonal menu is created with the purest and freshest local ingredients from the surrounding wilderness and close by Arctic sea.

Wilderness experiences:

With our professional guides you can explore the wilderness safely and get the most out of your arctic experience! We provide private experiences, suitable for different seasons and tailored to your wishes.

Cahkal Hotel grand opening in June 2022!

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Cahkal Hotel

Revontulentie 4, 99490 Kilpisjärvi
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