Reindeer farm and Canoeing tour

From 90 €
Duration 4 hours

Your guide will drive you in a very small group (never more than 8 people) to one of the most traditional reindeer farms in Lapland. Those family herders are based just outside of Rovaniemi on the lovely shores of a peaceful lake. From our perspective, they provide the best experience possible when it comes to both knowledge and service.

As you will be taken in the surroundings, you will learn about the reindeer from the herders. They will show you around the traditional farm and, because it is the first visit of the day, you will be given a chance to feed them their favourite food, lichen, which to reindeer is like chocolate! The visit will end with a very friendly time around the fire in the company of a herder who will answer all your questions and share their passion with you.

Once you have had a great time with the reindeer, you will be introduced to the canoes. Your qualified canoe guide will teach you the basic techniques on how to canoe and will provide you with all the safety instructions needed. You will be explained how to use the paddles, how to move on water and steer your canoe, how to react if capsizing, etc. Your guide will always keep an eye on you, and will come to your aid if you are in need of help.

While paddling, you will feel the peacefulness of the nature surrounding you, and will fully enjoy the beauty of this place.

At the end of this combination activity, you will for sure feel satisfied : you will have learnt about traditional reindeer farming and how to handle a canoe!

In all our excursions, our groups are limited to 8 people maximum. It it very important for us to provide you with the best experience as possible, and avoid mass tourism. This way, your guide will know you better and will be able to address all your needs and answer your questions. As we usually say: the smaller the group, the bigger the experience!

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Suitable experience in June, July, August, September


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