Bistro Ego

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Ego is a French-Japanese bistro in Kaartinkaupunki.

Bistro Ego is an uncomplicated place for all lovers of good food, drink, company and stories. A restaurant where you are always expected.

As our head chef Kalle Tanner puts it, “Food should not be taken too seriously. A good feeling is reflected in how your food looks and tastes. Too much effort makes food superficial, lacking in soul and warmth. Good food can be not only delicious, but also a little playful.”

We are located in a building modelled after the palaces of Florence, completed in 1889. We are not quite as fine as Florence, but we serve favourite classics – and create future favourites. Welcome!

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Kortteliravintola Ego

Korkeavuorenkatu 27, 00130 Helsinki
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