Northern Lights Hunting

From 55 €
Duration 3 hours

Our experienced Northern Lights hunter will frequently check the aurora activity predictions throughout the duration of tour. During the drive to the primary location, we may spot the Northern Lights ahead of us and your guide will often make stop on the way to our location. Once at our cottage, between too lakes, we will build a warm and inviting fire, where we will grill sausages in the traditional Finnish style. Vegetarian options are also available upon request during booking. There are also snacks and hot drinks ready to help keep you warm inside while we wait for the magical Aurora Borealis to make it’s appearance in the Northern Sky. Our guide will tell stories of Lapland and explain the northern lights and why we see them. We will wait at the warm fire or in the cottage and while we enjoy our snacks and warm drinks and our guide will keep watch on the sky to spot any sign of Northern Lights activity. When we spot the Northern Lights we will not have to go far from our fire to watch the magical show and during the Aurora display our guide may be able to take photos or assist you in taking your own photos. Our Northern Lights Hunt is typically 3 to 4 hours in duration depending on weather and Aurora activity. Important facts to to consider when searching for Northern Lights. The weather in the north changes frequently and so we do our absolute best to first find an area that may have clear skies which is the first important factor in viewing the Northern Lights.

From October through April it is advised to dress for cold weather conditions during the tour. We recommend a layer system for clothing and two pairs of socks, warm boots and gloves. It is easier to to remove a later than to be without proper clothing for the always changing weather here in the North.

Included: Transfer, BBQ: sausages or vegetarian pies from campfire, the movie about Northern Lights, guiding service, you can try snowshoeing AND guaranteed photo with northern lights

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Suitable experience in January, February, March, August, September, October, November, December


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