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Finlandia Hall is the masterpiece of the world famous Finnish architect Alvar Aalto. It was designed in 1962 and built between 1967-71. The first enlargement, Congress wing was constructed between 1973-1975. Second enlargement, called Veranda, had its festive opening in 2011.

Finlandia Hall exhibits many of the ideas Alvar Aalto exprimented with during his lifelong interest in monumental building construction. It is not a functional creation, if the term is taken to signify a building whose forms are dictated solely by its practical functions and associated structural solutions. In contrast, Finlandia Hall is a decoratively designed composition of cubistic forms which constititutes a many faceted whole. None of these elements are, however, purely decorative.; Aalto remained faithful to functionalism to the extent that he always sought a practical reason for his forms. At Finlandia Hall all details are streched to the limit. Every lightning fixture, every piece of furniture as all panels and flooring materials are specially designed and are result of the experience of Alvar Aalto’s long career as an architect. Aalto used white marble both on the exterior, where it is contrasted with black granite, and in the interior.

Finlandia Hall is Finland's most internationally known congress, concert and event house, where over 800 events are held annually. Located in the heart of Helsinki, next to Töölönlahti bay and park, Finlandia Hall offers unique meeting and banquet facilities for small-scale corporate events, great parties, world-class exhibitions, megastar concerts and international congresses. Finlandia Hall is also an important tourist destination and architectural attraction as Finland's most mous building, with hundreds of architectural visits every year. Finlandia Hall is part of Finland's Alvar Aalto Route and belongs to Aalto's buildings, which the Finnish government is proposing for the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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