Frozen inland sea and arctic islands experience at Rahja`s archipelago

From 155 €
Duration 3 hours

The mesmerizing Rahja archipelago entices travellers to spend the day winter island hopping. There are some 100 islands and is located less than 10 kilometers from the Hiekkasärkät holiday resort, which makes it the perfect destination for a day trip. The archipelago is unique in Europe since it includes all types of habitat of the land uplift coast, from the sheltered forests of the inner archipelago to the open sea islands of the outer archipelago.

Arctic island adventure - Feel the frozen atmosphere of arctic inland sea and tens of islands by its’ coast in Rahja Archipelago. The rushing waves have turned into ice beneath your feet to carry you from island to island. Sense the arctic winter, see the snowy trees and landscape of the untouched islands. During the right kind of weather, you have a chance to hear the ice forming and northern wind blowing the tingling snow and ice crystals.

Guided arctic E-fatbike safari on frozen inland sea. Tour will lead you from island to island. After winter biking a while, we will enjoy outdoor lunch on one of the island`s camp-fire and cup of hot and salty snack. Hear the tales of northern marine lifestyle, local nature and cultural history of the fishermen and seamen. After warming up, we are meditating by very Finnish way by ice-fishing on a frozen sea.

Package includes: Guided E-fatbike safari on frozen sea (Rahja`s archipelago), guided ice fisking-experience on frozen sea, snack (hot sausages, sandwich, hot drinks)

Optional services: Snow yoga on frozen sea, price 190€/30 minutes/group, transfers Kalajoki-Rahja-Kalajoki, accommodation

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Suitable experience in January, February, March


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