Skiing and Fishing on Ice Adventure

From 115 €
Duration 4 hours

If there´s two must-to-do things while you´re in Finland it must be Ice Fishing and Skiing. This tour Combines them both!

Skiing is one of the most popular sports in Finland. An age-old, environmentally friendly way of moving on the snow in the Arctic. It might sound difficult, but the fact is – it is not! Everyone can ski with our special made deep snow skis. Ice Fishing is an ancient way of catching a fish under the ice during wintertime, done in Lapland for centuries. The idea is to drill a hole through the Ice and lay your bait through that hole. The advantage is - when you can move over the icy lakes by skis, you can easily reach the best fishing spots!

This tour takes us to a beautiful lake located half an hour drive from Rovaniemi. After we reach our private Lappish teepee, it´s time to put skis on and head towards the top spots where fishes are swarming under the Ice. Skiing on the frozen lake is super exciting and fun! After reaching the spot, we will teach you the basics of Ice Fishing. All the fishing equipment are high quality standard and with some help from your guide you are ready to catch your first fish under the ice!

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Suitable experience in January, February, March, April, November, December


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