Skiffer Hanko

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A relaxed, marine meeting place by the Eastern Harbour in the heart of Hanko. We serve delicious “pizza slates” and salads with carefully selected ingredients and taste combinations.

Opens again in summer 2022.

About Skiffer:

In 2009, Oskari Juva bought an old sea service station on Liuskaluoto, an iconic islet just off the coast of Kaivopuisto in Helsinki. Oskari had an idea to serve seafarers delicious and simple food. There was plenty to work out though, in turning the station into a restaurant. There was a terrace but no kitchen.

Yet ”Okka” was passionate and convincing enough to get his friends Pyry Koskimo and Tuomo Suoranta on board in this ambitious island project. Together, they decided that pizza, nowadays known as liuska, would be the way to go. And off to work it was.

During the 2009 winter, a pizza oven was brought to Liuskaluoto. No small feat it was. For reference, a pizza oven weighs about as much as a small car. It took five men, skis, and a forklift to pull the oven over the ice onto the island.

They had an oven. However, none of them had ever made pizza before. It quickly turned out that shaping a pizza round was harder than anyone would have guessed. Pizzas came out oval-shaped no matter what. Still, thanks to Tuomo's exceptional choice of ingredients, what they may have lacked in roundness, they more than made up for in deliciousness.

Summer 2010 was fast approaching, and pizzas still would not come out as round as they had imagined. One day, when looking at aerial photos of the islet, the friends noticed the islet was shaped exactly the same as their creations. It was meant to be. Consequently - the product was named "Liuska”, paying homage to the name of the islet.

The Liuska was born - Cousin of pizza, just better!

Liuskaluoto "Skifferholmen" in Swedish, was also the inspiration behind the name of the restaurant: Skiffer.

And soon, Skiffer would be serving hungry sailors on sea and on land.

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Skiffer Hanko

Satamakatu 13, 10900 Hanko
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