Hotel Nestor

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Hotel Nestor is named after the last farmer here on the property, and my great grandfather, Nestor Johansén. The property belongs to the farm Arvids-Västergård, which dates back to the early 1700s.

Hotel Nestor is run today as a family business and was founded in 2009 by my parents; artist Pia Rousku and industry designer Frank Hellgren.

Now the hotel is owned and run by me, William Hellgren. I became a part of the hotel business in 2016 when I opened my restaurant, Back Pocket, in the building’s renovated barn.

The original part of this building, built of cinder stone from Dalsbruk in Kimito, was built around 200 years ago and has been home to the farm’s cows, pigs and hens for several decades until 1974, when the farming activities on the property came to an end.

Over the next 25 years, the farm was largely uninhabited and served as the summer residence for the family, who for many years had been living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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Hotel Nestor & Restaurant Back Pocket

Österretaisintie 45, 21710 Korppoo
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