Aboa Vetus Ars Nova – Museum of Archaeology and Contemporary Art

Aboa Vetus Ars Nova is a museum of archaeology and contemporary art, and a meeting point for everyone, located at the heart of Turku.

Experience the old Turku from archaeological perspective! Aboa Vetus is a town quarter discovered underground, where people and animals have lived for centuries. Medieval ruins and archaeological artefacts bring the past world close to us. There is a lot to explore for the younger visitors as well.

The museum’s art exhibitions showcase interesting contemporary artists and bring to light topical perspectives on different phenomena.

The museum shop surprises with delightfully abundant selection of souvenirs, gifts and books.

The restaurant-café provides delicious pastries, a lunch buffet and weekend brunches. The pleasant restaurant milieu features the ruins of medieval stone-built houses and a terrace in the garden.

The Museum is open also on Mondays during the summer (from 27th June to 21st August 2022).

Accessibility: the art exhibitions in two floors are accessible with a wheelchair. Roughly a third of the archaeological exhibition area is accessible with an electric wheelchair.

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Aboa Vetus Ars Nova

Itäinen Rantakatu 4-6, 20700 Turku
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