St. Olav Waterway


The only path with sauna and sea views every day!

Walk or cycle through the most beautiful archipelago in the world, island-hopping on free public ferries from island to island. The route will take you from Turku Cathedral on the Finnish mainland, through the Finnish archipelago and Åland – the islands of peace- towards Trondheim in Norway.

There are stages of just a couple of days to 14 days and longer. Stay in cosy BBs or comfortable family run hotels and enjoy local dishes created from the fresh produce of neighbouring farms.

It is easy to book accommodation, check ferry timetables and buy other services using our interactive maps or buy a self-guided walking packages from three to ten days. There are also kayaking and traditional sailing boat packages available for groups.

St. Olav Waterway is part of St. Olav Ways, pilgrim paths to Trondheim and an official cultural route of the council of Europe.

Delve into Nordic history and tradition with a Finnish twist for a journey of a lifetime.

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Suitable experience in April, May, June, July, August, September, October


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