Forest Yoga and Walk in Oulanka National Park

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Duration 3 hours

Guided hike with a touch of forest yoga and well-being in nature. Forest Yoga is wellbeing in nature, under the trees, in the heart of the forest. Gentle yoga poses combined to the benefits of nature.

We walk along marked routes and reindeer paths to get to see the most beautiful landscapes. Along the way, we stop for a moment for yoga. We do poses mainly standing and use trees and rocks as support. So Forest Yoga is a hike and yoga combined. Forest yoga is suitable for everybody and no previous experience is needed. Asanas are easy and I customize our hike so that it makes you feel good.

During our walk we'll see Kiutaköngäs, the most beautiful waterfall of Oulanka. We'll enjoy the silence of the forests, but also learn a lot about nature around us. In winter time we experience the arctic nature with snowshoes. Starting from Oulanka visitor center we'll continue deeper in to the forest and walk about 5 km, 3 hours. When it feels like it, we put our backpacks down and concentrate in relaxing yoga for a while.

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