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Yyteri - An experience for adults, an adventure for kids!


There is plenty of sand and the sky is the limit to creativity. Yyteri offers countless activities for families with children and other light-footed visitors.

Yyteri is the first travel destination in Finland to have been awarded the Green Key environmental certificate. Yyteri contributes to the promotion and development of more sustainable tourism in Finland.

You can go birdwatching in the midst of beautiful nature, or maybe you want to explore the sea by booking a boat trip.

The toughest surfers in Finland are familiar with the roaring waves of Yyteri and Mäntyluoto. So go ahead and try surfing or paddleboarding in the shore of Yyteri beach.

Yyteri is full of adventures and here just few of them:

- test your limits in the climbing park

- surf the waves or try paddleboarding

- play golf

- ride fatbikes

- play beachvolleyball

- play minigolf or ride a pedal car

- go for a run along the water

- take a hike in Yyteri trails

- enjoy sauna and spa

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