Struve Geodetic Arc: Oravivuori Arc Point


Oravivuori Triangulation Tower is part of the Struve Chain, the Struve Geodetic Arc which belongs to the Unesco World Heritage sites since 2005.

The Struve chain is like a very long meter that was used in 1800s to calculate the shape and size of the globe. One point of this 2820 km long chain is found in the heart of the beautiful Lakeland Finland in Oravivuori, in Korpilahti, Jyväskylä Region.

The Oravivuori hill is a beautiful place for a couple of hours outdoor activity. The climb on the top of the hill and to the viewing tower are worth the exercise: the view over the Lake Päijänne and to other Struve chain hills is amazing!

The path to the top of the Oravivuori is signposted but there is no winter service on the path. The path may be coverd by snow and / or ice in winter/spring time.

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