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Majamaja Helsinki is an inaugural off-grid retreat in Helsinki archipelago and a one-of-a-kind holiday rental to enjoy the coastal life in an ecological, sustainable, and modern design setting.

"The Majamaja off-grid concept is driven by the need to radically rethink and minimize our ecological footprint. The purpose of Majamaja is to show how small-scale architecture, combined with green technology, can compensate for big volumes and centralised grid systems. Majamaja units use solar power, and water is treated for reuse in a closed loop system", says Majamaja architect Pekka Littow.

Majamaja is located only a 15-minute boat ride (or 30-minutes bus ride) away from the heart of the city of Helsinki where you may embrace a connection with nature, sea, wind and fresh air.

Here you may wake up to the scenic sea views, the subtle sounds of seabirds, whispering winds and rolling waves of the Baltic sea.

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Suitable experience in April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November



Vuorilahdentie 5, 00870 Helsinki
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