Ice Climbing Day in Korouoma Canyon – from Rovaniemi

From 379 €
Duration 10 hours

Unforgettable day trip to the Korouoma Canyon & Nature Reserve in Posio, where the mightiest ice falls in Finland are located.

Korouoma is a millions of years old fracture valley in the bedrock. At the center of the valley, it forms a magnificent gorge that drops over a 100 meters below its surrounding terrain. Every winter, 10-20 ice falls are formed, the largest 60-70 meters tall. The mightiest and best known is Ruskea virta (’Brown Stream’). Other classics are Mammutti (’Mammoth’) and Jaska Jokunen (’Charlie Brown’). The ice climbing potential of Korouoma was discovered only in the 1980’s. Nowadays Korouoma is hands-down the best destination for ice climbing in Finland!

Bliss guide will meet the clients in the morning at the agreed place in Rovaniemi, and has prepared and packed all the relevant gear. It is roughly a 1,5 h drive from Rovaniemi to Korouoma, Posio. From the parking area it takes 1-1,5 hours to hike through the beautiful taiga forest to the foot of the ice fall.

Once at the ice fall, the guide will prepare the rope line(s) for safe ice climbing. The clients use this break for having an energizing snack, keeping themselves warm and taking photos and videos of the beautiful venue if they wish.

Once climbing preparations are completed, it is time for the true ice climbing experience in the Arctic! Depending on clients' stamina and daylight hours, every client will get two proper climbs on the nature-made ice wall. Height of the ice wall varies from 20 to 60 meters.

On the way back to parking area – time schedule allowing – it is possible to stop by a bonfire and have another energizing snack. The day get's completed by 1,5 hour drive back to Rovaniemi.

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Suitable experience in January, February, March, April, December


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