Salmilampi cottage

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Salmilampi pine wood log cabin in the very heart of nature

The Salmilampi pine log cabin has a floor area of 52 m² and sleeps six persons.

There are no other cabins on the Salmilampi lake shore and the closest neighbour is about 150 metres away. This means you can enjoy your own peace and quiet. Cabin hire includes a rowing boat and fishing opportunities. The grounds have an outdoor barbecue and campfire spot, as well as a lakeside wood-fired sauna. A hot tub is also available for an extra fee.

Staying at the cabin, you can enjoy the wintertime Northern Lights without being disturbed by the light pollution of town.

The lake shore is soft and deep, and the jetty is great for swimming. In the winter you can try winter swimming in a pool cut into the frozen lake.

The cabin has terrace decking, a hallway, kitchen/lounge area, spacious attic bedroom, toilet and a heat storing fireplace.

Welcome to the natural tranquillity of the Arctic Circle in Rovaniemi in Finnish Lapland!

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Mökkipolku 50, 96400 Rovaniemi
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