The Route of five Rapids in Karkkila

Duration 1 hours

The Route of five Rapids in Karkkila starts at the carpet washing place (Pyhäjärvenraitti) and ends at the rapids of Pitkälänkoski. The route goes past the river Karjaanjoki, the Karkkila-Högfors factory area (Bremerintie) and the buildings of Ala-Emali and the town hall (Valurinkatu), goes over the bridge of Tervasilta to the rapids of Myllykoski and Massakoski, and further to the rapids of Pitkälänkoski.

The rapids of Kivistönkoski and Karkkilankoski roar near the park Tehtaanpuisto and the Foundry Museum of Finland (Bremerintie 8). The Route of five Rapids goes over the bridge of Tiilisilta to the street Valurinkatu. There you can find the town hall and the factory area of Ala-Emali with its cinema, restaurants and other services.

Having passed the factory buildings, the river Karjaanjoki flows slowly under the bridge of Tervasilta and the road Pusulantie and reaches the next roaring rapids of Myllykoski at the place where the bridge Pitkäsilta crosses the river. The rapids of Myllykoski in Karkkila, the undammed waterfall with the height of three metres, is one of the most significant waterfalls of southern Finland. You can hear the roar of the rapids as far as 100 metres away from the rapids, and the flow of water over the rocky ledge is also a magnificent sight.

Having passed the roar of the rapids of Myllykoski, the river flows under the bridge of the road Vihdintie and reaches the steep and roaring dammed rapids of Massakoski, also called Nahkionkoski. The route goes further past the river on the ridges, which are on the side of the centre of the town.

Having passed the rapids of Massakoski, the river flows steadily and reaches the lean-to shelter near the rapids of Pitkälänkoski at the distance of about 1 km from Massakoski. There you can make coffee or grill sausages over a campfire and fish at the rapids. At the distance of about

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